Couples Counseling

Do you need help understanding and overcoming the challenges you are facing in your relationship? 

In a series of sessions, I can help you and your partner figure out and work with the patterns that are keeping you stuck.  Both of you will be supported and encouraged to look deeply inside, to find new ways to relate and work through conflicts.

    Couples counseling is appropriate for relationships of all kinds: dating, married, divorced, partnered, monogamous or open, for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. It can resolve problems between business partners, siblings, roommates, or friends, and for relationships that involve more than two people. If necessary, it can also help facilitate the end of a relationship in a less hurtful and more conscious and caring way.

    When possible, I suggest that you seek counseling before things get too bad. When conflicts are caught early, there are enough positive feelings available to motivate you to recover and heal. If you wait until it's your last option, despair may take over.


    In a new relationship, counseling helps unravel the strong - and sometimes unconscious - reactions that intimacy can provoke in us. Past heartbreaks, old habits, and our own projections can get in the way. I can support you in being curious about each other again. The process will improve your relationship skills, making the future better whether this particular relationship continues or not.

    In a long-term relationship, counseling encourages you each to slow down and find new ways of giving to and receiving each other. I invite you to take the risk, to open up new chances for healing, harmonizing, and deepening your connection.