LGBTIQA+ Affirming Therapy

I am devoted to serving the LGBTIQA community in healing, self expression, self determination, and overcoming oppression. I work with clients at all places along the spectrums of gender, sexual orientation, and attraction.

As a queer, cis woman I engage in regular consultation, reading, and personal exploration to push the boundaries of my own knowledge and educate myself so my clients don't bear that burden.  I understand the role intersectionality has in creating different lived experiences of oppression, and I am an active advocate of gender-fluid and transgender identities, intersex awareness, and social justice.

I am particularly drawn to working with the trans population, helping people discover and align with their true natures while navigating the inherent challenges.  For trans folk starting HRT or going through a medical transition, I use an informed consent model, which places the individual as the expert of their own experiences and choices, instead of putting the therapist in the role of gatekeeper and decision maker.