OFFICE Location

My office is located in a residential neighborhood, behind my home, at 127 Radcliff Circle, Durham, NC.   

The location is 5 minutes off of 40, although many backroad options are available.

Scroll below for a detailed guide of the building and how to find the office.

Please note that GoogleMaps will estimate your travel time based on traffic at a given time and day. This option is available once you've entered destination and starting point, next to "Options" (see "Leave Now" and use drop down menu.) 

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This is the view of the front of the building. 
There is a driveway to the right. Please feel free to park there as long as you're not blocking anyone else in. Street parking is also available.


The walkway to the office is on the right of the house.
Look for the archway with the open gate. 


This is the office entrance. 
The office entrance will be to the left of the path. You can wait by the garden entrance or find a place to sit in the backyard.

This is the office from the backyard, with the entrance on the left side.
Please come up to the door at your session start time.  


questions and concerns:

Is there a bathroom?
Yes!  The bathroom entrance has a separate entrance on the other side of the garden, and I can show you the path upon request. Once you know where it is, feel free to access it at any time.

Is there a waiting room?
There is not, but you're welcome to find a place in the garden to sit peacefully if you arrive early or need some time after session. Please keep voices low and use discretion if you can see someone in the office.  

Should I park in the driveway?
Yes, unless there is another car there.  If someone is parked there, it means the last client hasn't left yet.

Is the office connected to your residence?
Yes, it is connected and separated by doors. Usually, the house is empty while therapy is in session.  On the few occasions where someone is in the building, no one is within hearing distance, and there is a sound machine obscuring any noise from the office.

One of my biggest priorities for an office was finding a beautiful space that would feel like a healing retreat. Few professional buildings have this feeling, and I've found that a home office has given me that opportunity. The office is filled with natural light and is both spacious and cozy. The land has multiple sitting areas, a goldfish pond, greenhouses, small bridges, and a wide variety of plants.  

I see a hot tub!  Can I use it after my session?
Yes, there is!  And no, probably not, although I could make exceptions if there is an injury or special circumstances and there are no other clients scheduled.

Can we do therapy outside?
This is possible, due to the increased privacy and multiple outdoor seating areas. Please ask if you would like this as an option. I will weigh any considerations about privacy and confidentiality in my answer.

Other questions or concerns?  Let me know at