Beginning on Monday, December 12, I will be moving to a new office:

127 Radcliff Circle, Durham, NC  

The new location is centrally located to Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill.

It continues to be based in a residential area, and offers additional privacy, better accessibility, a larger space for groups, and better walkway lighting at night. 

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This is the view of the front of the building. 
There is a driveway to the right. Please feel free to park there as long as you're not blocking anyone else in. Street parking is also available.

Front of Building

The walkway to the office is on the right of the house.
Look for the archway with the open gate. This view is walking away from the office, back to your car. 

office walkway 2.jpg

This is the office entrance. 
There are 3 steps to walk up.  I plan to have all the same furniture in this office.

The office faces a large oasis-like garden.
Please keep voices quiet.  You are welcome to walk around and find a place to rest before or after your session.


questions and concerns:

Will I like the new office?
I hope so!  One of my biggest priorities was finding a beautiful space that would feel like a healing retreat. The office is filled with natural light and will be a great place to watch the seasons change. The land has multiple sitting areas, a goldfish pond, greenhouses, small bridges, and a wide variety of plants.  You're welcome to find a place to sit peacefully if you arrive early or need some time after session. Please keep voices low and use discretion if you can see someone in the office.  

How will this affect my commute to your office?
In GoogleMaps, compare 127 Radcliff to my former office address, Beech Trail. GoogleMaps will allow you to set the time of your commute to consider traffic patterns.  See the image to the right: once directions have been given, click on "Leave Now" under the addresses to open a window with time and day options.

The new location is farther away for me, and/or I hate change, and/or this might be a good time for me to take a break from therapy.
Transitions always bring up questions of what else might be ready to change. If this shift raises questions of whether to slow down or end this phase of therapy, I'm happy to explore this with you and support your decision. With winter and the new year, it's also a good time to reflect on life and reassess goals and strategies.  Please know that any discussions are welcome, and there's no need to worry about the impact that discussion or decision has on me. :)

Is there a bathroom at the new location?
Yes!  I have a goal of building a new bathroom for client use in the next 6 months. For now, there is a temporary solution - I can direct you to a door that will take you to a bathroom, and I will do my best to disguise the fact that you are walking through the laundry room to get there. :)

Is the office connected to your residence?
Yes, like the previous office, it is connected and separated by doors. Most of the time, no one is in the house while therapy is in session.  There are very occasional exceptions to this, for example if someone in the family is home sick. 

I do have a longer-term plan of building an office in the back that is not attached to the main building so that others can be in the house while I am working.  My hope is to build a separate office by Winter of 2017.

I see a hot tub!  Can I use it after my session?
Yes, there is!  And no, probably not, although I could make exceptions if there is an injury or special circumstances and there are no other clients scheduled.

Can we do therapy outside?
This is possible, due to the increased privacy and multiple outdoor seating areas. Please ask if you would like this as an option. I will weigh any considerations about privacy and confidentiality in my answer.

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