Counseling for Non-Traditional Relationships and groups 

Specializing in polyamory, consensual non-monogamy, and kink

In addition to traditional relationship counseling, I have 10+ years of expertise supporting people who are in non-traditional relationships or are considering exploring them.  I offer practical skills, a trained perspective, and a safe space to work through challenging feelings and new experiences.

Going outside your comfort zone and outside the cultural norms can be vulnerable. Many people get overwhelmed trying to get through the rough spots on their own. Working from a foundation of honesty, integrity, and consent, I support everyone to grow, strengthen and nurture themselves and each other during the challenges. Whatever your particular situation is, I can provide a down-to-earth approach to helping you through it. 

I have worked with a wide array of people and issues over the years, including:

- open relationships of all kinds
- poly individuals, couples, triads, quads, and moresomes
- monogamous couples considering opening up
- swingers
- GLBTIQA+ folx
- BDSM and kinksters
- hierarchical and non-hierarchical relationships
- relationship anarchists
- people at all different places on the gender, orientation and attraction spectrums

Although I'm not currently accepting new clients due to a full caseload, I have a referral list of excellent therapists who are familiar with non-monogamy issues.  Please click below to request a referral.


About Polyamory:

What is Polyamory?
Suggested Reading

A few reasons people seeK counseling:

- Working with jealousy and anxiety
- Communicating about difficult topics
- Balancing needs--yours and others'
- Navigating changing relationships
- Rebuilding after a break-up

For couples new to non-monogamy: 
- Whether to change your relationship
- Making changes at a manageable pace
- Working with anxiety and fear  
- Creating or renegotiating relationship guidelines that care for everyone involved
- Managing new relationship energy
- Nurturing your connection

For individuals involved with an existing non-monogamous relationship:
- Understanding your own feelings, needs and desires
- Advocating for your needs within your relationships
- Developing practices for self-care
- Navigating challenging metamour relationships

Please note that my counseling practice is aligned with traditional relationship therapy. While it may include discussions about the sexual aspects of your relationships, it will never include sexual activity of any kind between counselor and client.